The Sierra Club

During the Spring of 2019, I worked with the Sierra Club Long Island chapter to develop a series of Public Service Announcements. These short pieces feature local scientists speaking about their concerns regarding our areas environmental issues. The title for this series is Thoughts and Actions. They succinctly feature these scientists offering their thoughts along with actions the public can take to rectify these concerns. Enjoy! D

Filming Diamondback Terrapin Turtles in Jamaica Bay New York with Dr. Russell Burke and Dr. Charlie Bevington!

Working with Dr. Charlie Bevington and Byron Young (retired Marine Biologist DEC.


Late winter, spring and summer 2018, I have had the opportunity to produce & direct several pieces for the sierra club. This opportunity offers me the opportunity to work with my dear friend and colleague Dr. Charlie Bevington and numerous scientists and environmentalists. The short films we are producing are all based on coastal resiliency and the fragile eco-system we have on Long Island.

To see these film shorts, please the visit the youtube channel and feel free to share.


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